City attractions

The Spanish Steps marks the centre of post-ancient and renaissance Rome and Hotel Manfredi is positioned just 100 metres from this vibrant district. Indeed it is hard to imagine a better place to be positioned to be within walking distance of so many of the main tourist attractions and with such amazing shopping, eating and drinking opportunities.

Situated on Via Margutta one of the most famous and most beautiful streets in Rome, guests are literally a few moments’ walk from the Spanish Steps frequented by Shelley, Keats and the other romantic English poets & writers not to mention the groups of young Italians who congregate here as part of a cultural tradition that stretches back through the centuries. Stunningly beautiful and colourful in the summer, the Spanish Steps is also surrounded by the designer boutiques that have made Italian fashion so famous, most notably nearby Via Condotti which seems to exude chic class and exclusivity. For less expensive and mainstream tastes, we are also just a few moments stroll from the main shopping street of Via del Corso that links Piazza Venezia and Ancient Rome to the Renaissance Piazza del Popolo home to works by artists such as the master Caravaggio.

The area around Hotel Manfredi also boasts a myriad of stylish restaurants and bars serving delicious Italian food and choice wines that allows you to sit back and appreciate the comforts and finer things of life in a relaxed yet vibrant Italian atmosphere.

Of course, whilst relaxing in the Hotel Manfredi or surrounding bars and restaurants is delightful, guests should also experience some of the wonders that Rome has to offer. Within easy walking distance, guests can stumble across the spectacular Trevi Fountain (particularly stunning when lit at night) built in 1735 and supplied with water from the original ancient Roman aquaducts.

Just a short walk from us, guests can also marvel the ancient Pantheon dated to around 27 BC and still in use today, before continuing a little further to the famous Piazza Navona containing works of the masters Borromeo and Bernini.

In fact, there are so many features and places to visit within walking distance of Hotel Manfredi that it is difficult to mention them all. The fact that a metro underground station also rests a few minutes from Hotel Manfredi at Piazza del Spagna mean that guests can also reach all of those spots that your feet may be too tired to take you. A summary of some of the more notable nearby Attractions can be seen in a list format here.

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