The Manfredi Hotel is fortunate to be housed in one of the historic buildings of central Rome that have always adorned the surroundings of the beautiful and romantic Piazza di Spagna.


Commissioned by Antonio d’Alibertthe building now occupied by Hotel Manfredi was originally a grand theatrenamed the Teatro Alibert after its patron and was finished in 1718 with one of three entrances situated on Via Margutta. Unfortunately the theatre did not prove to be a success and changed management in 1726 being renamed to the Teatro delle Dameas a reflection of the development of women being permitted to perform in theatres and being owned by the Order of Malta. The acts performed were diverse ranging from circuses to melodramas, comedies and tragedies. By all accounts, things progressed well until in 1863 disaster struck and a fire ravaged the building and caused considerable damage.

Undaunted, the building persisted as a theatre until in 1949 it was converted to a hotel under the ownership of Ines Manfredi and its tradition of hospitality and accommodation began. In 1980 it changed hands and fell under the intelligent management of Cosimo and Maria Argentina. Today, the hotel is under the charge of the three Argentina brothersGiovanni, Francesco and Giuseppe who are passionate about making the hotel one most respected establishments in the Eternal City. Indeed their efforts are bearing fruit with the Hotel Manfredibeing ranked within the top 30 hotels in all of Romeout of over 1250 on TripAdvisordespite having only a 3 star certification!

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